reflact Powertools – the jack of all trades for Adobe Connect adminstrators

Improve your virtual events with reflact Powertools –  in terms of quality, efficiency and participant enthusiasm: Genuine added value. Get the most out of Adobe Connect with the help of this true next-level expansion and become an absolute power user.

From sophisticated evaluation of your surveys to extensive housekeeping, Powertools provides what’s missing in Adobe Connect’s own administration.

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A classic 'happy sheet' in your meeting room, combined with a time-detailed attendance list, allows you to assess your event's perceived quality. Building on this analysis, the Engagement Pod (which measures the degree of participant interactivity) will help you optimize your online events.

Looking for a way to cater to your participants specific interests? Use the reflact Powertools elicit, aggregate, analyse and deliver.

Are you wishing there was an easy and efficient way to provide participants with individually requested materials? Use the Promo Pod to collect contact and interests info, then have Powertools arrange and output this info ready for dispatch.

Housekeeping not only reveals long-inactive users and meeting rooms, but also identifies obsolete materials and recordings by size, age and usage. Keep your account lean and efficient - and know who to talk about hogging space.

Are you looking for a simple way to provide your participants with certificates? Use Powertools to create a dispatch-ready list with individual download links, based on participant attendence and using different templates.

Did you know, the 'active meeting' module can tell you which trainer used which room with how many participants for how long? You could use that info for customer billing and trainer compensation (how many 'meeting minutes' were delivered?).

Do you sometimes receive calls for help with a link to a meeting room? How to find that room in the Adobe Connect administration, the URL "/r3ed30dmyv8/" doesn´t really help much. Enter the URL Detective - identify the room and jump right to it in the backend.

Areas of Application

Everything at a glance with one tool


Generate meeting reports and evaluations with a button-press the minute you’re done. Key numbers and meta data are complemented with an attendance list and results of quizzes (e.g. Adobe Presenter created) and polls. This info is delivered with attractive charts and ready for export (PDF or Excel).


Keep your Adobe Connect server neat and fast. Find and clean unused accounts, rooms, materials and recordings. An overview map allows you to identify the memory hogs and shows you how and where your space is used.


Create visually appealing, personalized PDF certificates for your participants. Choose recipients easily by defining the required attendance time and use the export function for download link delivery.

CO2 Calculator

Make your virtual meetings appealing by underlining the reduced carbon footprint. Data calculated and collected by the CO2 Pod can be aggregated across events with the help of this module. Find out how many times you didn’t drive the entire Route 66.


reflact Powertools offer a buch of little helpers that can really make an Adobe Connect poweruser’s day. For instance: You have the URL to a meeting room but don’t know where to find it in the directory? Call the URL Detective.

Performance Check

Would you like to be sure that your large and bandwidth-intensive virtual events will run without issues? We perform performance tests suited to your scenario, with the analysis in Powertools.