audionotify_icon_128Let yourself be informed acoustically if a member enters your chat or types a message.
That way you are able to concentrate on your presentation or screen sharing during your online event. Even if you don’t keep your eye on all of the windows- your members are still being heard.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Audio notification for every entry of a participant.
  • Connection with chat or question & answer pod as well as status messages for participants is possible.
  • Adjustment of the audio signal and the wished-for trigger via the Notify-Me Administration.
  • Simplified handling during presentation and screen sharing for presenters and hosts.


  • Adobe Connect 9.x

Step 1


Adjust in which cases you need an audio signal. Just choose from the range of status messages. Furthermore you can choose to get a notification for messages in a chat or the question & answer pod.

Step 2


Chose one of four audio signals for your notification. Every presenter or host makes this decision on their own.

Step 3

As soon as a participant takes the chosen action you hear your signal. That way you never miss a question or hint of your audience but still are able to concentrate on the important things.

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